Vegetarianism rears its ugly head

The funniest thing happened to me today: I didn`t feel like having red meat in a barbecue!

I`ve been a happy omnivore all of my life, but for the last few months I`ve decided to eat less red meat and improve the general quality of my nutrition.

Aside from losing almost 30 kilos in the process, almos a third of my body mass, I have really changed my whole perspective on food intake. My taste has really changed, red meat really doesn`t seem that appetizing anymore. I haven`t reached the point of feeling bad for the poor cow, only when I actively remind myself of all the videos in youtube of cow grinding machines and all, but the meat itself really lost its appeal to me.

Still, it`s going to be a long way to vegetarianism, I`ll stick to my guns and keep on having my occasional sushi every now and then… And I will fell bad for the poor chickens, but my sassami stays for now. As for the pigs and cows, keep your fingers crossed, I might not be eating your flash after all…


About Edu Élleres

Guitar teacher turned neuroscientist turned guitarist, passionate and obsessed with finding better ways of teaching music.
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